Pest Facts: Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants excavate smooth tunnels inside wood to build their nests, and can cause substantial damage to any wooden structure. They range in length from ¼"-3/4" and in color from red to black or a combination of the two.

They have six legs and segmented bodies.

Carpenter ants build their nests outside, in tree stumps, wood piles or landscaping, but gain access into homes for water. They need a

constant source of water to survive, so often homes provide the perfect opportunity. If you suspect carpenter ants, look for wet, coarse piles of sawdust as indications of an infestation. These piles are often referred to as "frass". Carpenter ants invade primarily wet or mold-damaged wood at first, but once established in a structure, they can begin to infest undamaged wood as well.

Carpenter ants can be black, brown or a combination of the two colors.

Carpenter ant damage.

Carpenter ant shavings (frass).

Carpenter ant infestation.

Often, however, there will be no visible indications of infestation. Confirmation of carpenter ant presence requires a professional inspection. Make an appointment now to have your home inspected.

Preventing Carpenter Ants From Entering Your Home

  • Eliminate moisture or standing water around your home.
  • Keep tree branches and other vegetation from touching the outside of your home, as carpenter ants often access these routes.
  • Eliminate cracks or fissures in your home and foundation, especially near the ground.
  • Move woodpiles and building materials well away from your home. These are prime nesting areas for carpenter ants.

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