Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Pest Control or Pest Damage?

This is a question we get a lot, and unfortunately there is no simple answer.  But there are some helpful guidelines to keep in mind.  There are essentially two kinds of damage they would look at in regard to pests: preventable and unexpected.  Because damage from some long-term pest infestations  is considered “preventable”, insurance companies generally have the wiggle room to bow out of getting involved with your mouse or termite problems. However, when an accident happens, such as a sudden ceiling collapse, they might help.  In this case, they may pay for the ceiling repair while holding you liable for the structural damage.  Read your policy carefully and speak with your insurer if you have questions about coverage.

Insurance and Damage From Pests

This is something that most insurance companies are not going to budge on since it is considered an issue of home maintenance to keep your property pest-free.  Unfortunately, you can’t often pay for your general pest control or pest prevention with insurance money.  Also, you won’t get much sympathy for a structural damage due to a termite or rodent problem.  The best thing you can do is keep your property free from pests in the first place, avoiding any expensive issues.


Unexpected Damage From Pests

There are some instances where an insurance company will buck up to help out in the event of pest damage.  These are cases where something unexpected happened, like a rat chewed through a wire and it results in a fire.  Insurance will help cover the damage because fires are considered “peril” under most insurance policies.  So, if a family of raccoons has moved in because a tornado blew your roof off, there is a chance your home insurance policy will help cover the removal of the pests.  As always, ask your insurance carrier if you have questions.  


Prevent Pest Damage to Avoid Insurance Claims

There is one sure way to avoid the hassle of whether insurance will pay out or not—at least in terms of pest control—and that is to maintain a pest-free property. Call Ace Walco today for a free inspection and we’ll give you a free inspection.  If you’d like, our friendly professional staff will walk through your property with you and help out with ways to improve your pest prevention measures.

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