Autumn is a wonderful season of cozy sweaters, warm spices and changing leaves.  And as much as we enjoy the temperatures falling, the critters around us are noticing as well. 

When the thermometer starts to drop, the rodents in our midst begin to make important plans for winter.  Their number one snowbird destination?  Your house!  To ensure your home does not become the next Club Med for Mice, follow our tips below.  You’ll be ready to order up a pumpkin spice latte and enjoy the season stress-free.

  • Remove all harborage sites outside on the property.  There are often places in a yard that will attract rodents over the warm months, such as wood piles, stacks of tires or other debris.  Clean up these sites and make sure there are no hiding places where mice or rats might hang out.
  • Seal any openings on the outside of buildings.  It may sound surprising, but rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter, and mice through a hole as small as a nickel!  Take an afternoon and a tube of caulking around the outside of your buildings.  Seal any holes, taking special care to note the framing around windows and doors.  
  • While you are sealing holes, make sure any screens on windows are in tact, and replace any missing or damaged weather stripping around doors.
  • Clean up any pet or livestock food that may have spilled over time, and store any of these food products in sturdy, air-tight containers.  This will help avoid rodents being attracted in the first place.
  • Contact a pest professional such as Ace Walco for a property evaluation.  Ace Walco offers this as a completely free service, so call today and find out even more specifics on protecting your property from rodents this season.

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