Holiday travel season is just around the corner, and whether you are the one hitting the road or the host with the most, follow these tips to keep your holidays pest-free.

Tips on how to keep bugs out of your house this holiday season

  1. When traveling, check for bed bugs

The best way to protect your property from bed bugs is not to bring them there.  While traveling, do a quick check of the mattress before you hit the hay.  Look for tell-tale spots of dark brown.  If you see anything like this, do not sleep here.  Find an alternative, because it will cost much more in the long run to treat your house.

  1. Clean up after holiday meals

Santa may be expecting that plate of cookies, but one of the best pest preventions around is keeping a clean house.  This doesn’t have to mean sanitizing like a hospital, but simple things like never leaving food out and wiping down counters can have enormous implications to keeping pests like cockroaches and ants from coming around.

  1. Store Firewood Outdoors

Although it may sound tempting to bring in a week’s worth of firewood all at once, you could unwittingly be inviting pests home for the holidays.  Rodents, and insects like spiders, ants and beetles can be transported in firewood, and once inside your cozy basement, may find more comfortable quarters like that box of sweaters in your closet.  Mitigate this problem by bringing in wood as you need it.

  1. Screen Your Chimney

Jolly Old Saint Nick should still be able to make it, but keep raccoons, birds and rodents out by screening your chimney and ensuring to cover all outside entrances to your attic.  Also, ensure good ventilation, as dampenss is an enticing motivator for many kinds of pests.

  1. Eliminate the Drips

OK, so Uncle Mark can be a real drag, but at least he goes home at the end of his visit.  Any sites of excess moisture in your home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom can be a potential calling sign for pests.  Make sure to clean any clogged drains to avoid cluster flies.

  1. Let the Pros Give You a Holiday Helping Hand

If you’re concerned about pests ruining your holidays, schedule a free inspection with Ace Walco today.  Our trained professionals will come to your home at your convenience and walk through any areas of concern and outline steps you can take to minimize your risk.  



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