What is Extermination in New Jersey?

Extermination sounds like a scary term, and in the past the pest control industry has used some pretty aggressive tactics to deal with infestations, but essentially extermination is the eradication of pests.  This means killing bugs or mice, and creating environments that are inhospitable to pests.  Today’s integrated pest management systems are more complex than some past methods, and take into account each customer’s specific needs.  If you need pest control or extermination services in New Jersey, call the local experts, Ace Walco.  We’ll send a licensed professional at your convenience to do a thorough inspection—all free of charge.  

Ace Walco: Best Exterminator in New Jersey

We’ve been at it for over 80 years, so our exterminators know what they are doing.  People have been raving about our extermination expertise for decades, and that’s because we do it with an extra touch of personalized care.  Nobody wants bugs in New Jersey, and that’s why we’re here to help.

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