Bees and Wasps Run Out of Room in their nests

As the fall gets under way, bee and wasp populations are reaching their maximum capacities for the year.  They emerge in springtime and begin their hard work, building up nests for their queen, feeding her, and caring for the copious offspring she’ll deliver through the summer months.  But as the warm weather winds down, the once comfortable nest becomes overcrowded.  Add to this an instinctive apprehension of the cold, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for aggression and tension.  Ever been stuck in a house full of grown family members?  Then you understand how heated it can get even with a frost advisory.


Bees also are Protecting the Nest

Another source of aggression for bees and wasps in the fall is that they are preparing their queen for winter, so they are more protective of the nest that houses her.  If you have ever been near a wasp nest in the fall, you’ve likely seen them firing out of the entry like enemy fire, even chasing people or animals away from the nest.  Bees and wasps have spent the spring and summer building up these living quarters, and they know if they lose any ground now it will be too late to start over.  So, they are much more protective of their nests or hives in fall than any other time of year.


Food for Bees and Wasps are Running Low 

As summer bleeds into fall, plants and flowers complete their natural life cycles and food resources become less and less available for all animals, especially wasps and bees.  Ever seen a hangry bee?  They’re every bit as dangerous as a mother-in-law who’s been waiting for EVERYONE to arrive before she eats dinner.  Bees and wasps get aggressive knowing that their last meal is close at hand.


How do I Protect My Home From Bees and Wasps in Fall?

There are several things you can do to protect yourself from the aggressions of bees and wasps.  Like most advice on reducing pest problems, the first line of defense is to make your space inhospitable.  Don’t leave out any food, especially sugary drinks or anything sweet.  Bees and wasps are attracted to sugars and will find it appealing if your home has a constant supply of near-empty soda cans sitting around.  Other sweet or sweet-smelling items like potpourri, soaps and perfumes can also attract bees and wasps so keep them put away in sealed containers.  Furthermore, to keep bees and wasps from entering your home, the best defense is a tight barrier.  Do a thorough examination of your home’s exterior, checking for holes or cracks where pests might be able to enter.  Watch for loose siding where bees could crawl under and build nests.  Check your window screens and make sure there are no holes.  


If You Have Aggressive Bees and Wasps in the Fall, Call Ace Walco

It is safest to stay well away from bee and wasp nests, especially in the fall and early winter.  Call us today for a free inspection and we’ll help get the bees on their way.

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