Termite Damage May Be Occurring Now on Your Investment

The worst case scenario is that you get bad news when you’re trying to sell your house, and end up spending or losing lots of money because of pests.  If you get a report done now and find any indications of WDIs, there may be time to address a problem before it gets worse.  Additionally, if there is any damage, you can get on it right now so that when you do decide to sell, the report will come back clean as a whistle.


Termites Could be Lowering the Value of Your Home

We all want to buy low, sell high.  But when your WDI comes back with big time termite problems, you can kiss your high asking price goodbye.  Termites and other wood destroying insects can cause costly structural damage to your home, so putting a stop to their destructive ways is imperative.  The sooner you know of any problem, you can get to work solving it.  The other great news is that Ace Walco offers WDI Reports at no charge, so give us a call and we’ll set it up for you.

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