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There is no time to waste when you need pest control, so call Ace Walco today.  The big guys like to gobble up your time and leave you waiting for some dude.  Ace Walco is different.  We are a local, family-owned company that’s been around for over 80 years, and we don’t leave you waiting.  You call, we come get the job done.  Call Ace Walco today for all your pest control needs.

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Ace Walco: New Jersey’s Local Exterminator

When you need pest control, look no further than the experts at Ace Walco.  We’ve been serving New Jersey and New York for more than 80 years.  Our company is family-owned and committed to treating our customers like family too.  Call today for a free inspection at your convenience.  We have been providing guaranteed pest control to New Jersey since 1936 and it will be a pleasure to serve you.  Call now!

Termite Swarm

What is Termite Swarm Season?

Each year social insects like termites and carpenter ants have a time where the young leave the colony, strike out on their own and try to make it in the world.  Think of it as graduation for these pesky insects.  It is known as the swarm, and it typically happens in the spring—coincidentally, at the same time the forsythias bloom their cheery yellow blossoms.  


What’s flying around my yard?

As the winter winds down, populations in healthy termite colonies begin to swell, and the young prepare to leave, growing wings for their journey into the great wide open.  They hide out in the dirt, waiting for conditions to be perfect—warm weather, damp soil and low winds.  When things line up, they spring out of the nest and fly out to hook up, breed and settle down to raise a termite family of their own.  The bad news is that if you see these swarming termites, chances are you already have a healthy population of wood destroyers on your property.


Why are there so many winged insects around my window?

The hormone-driven winged termites are programmed to seek light, so there is often a conglomeration of them around windows, doors or lights.  If they have wings you know they are swarming from a colony nearby.


What do I do if I see flying termites?

Don’t panic.  Call Ace Walco right away and schedule a free inspection.  We will send a certified professional over right way to check it out.  Because termites are so aggressive it is important not to waste any time.


Spring Pest Preparation Tips

The vernal equinox comes on March 20th of this year, marking the astronomical first day of spring.  As the rays of the sun begin to hit the earth at higher angles, the snow melts and the animal kingdom begins their seasonal awakening.  This can mean trouble for homeowners, but there are some things you can do to prevent springtime pest invasions.

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What's This Bug In My Cereal?

What's This Bug In My Cereal?

Ew.  Nothing takes away your appetite quite like pouring a bowl of cereal full of bugs.  But what are these reddish-brown bugs making their way out of your pantry?  Chances are they are beetles.  There are several types of beetles that could be the culprit, but none are appetizing.

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