What does a Phorid fly look like?

Phorid or Humpbacked flies look similar to fruit flies with their hunched backs, but the phoned fly is black instead of red.  They grow to about 1/8” long.

How can I tell a Phorid fly from other flies?

The Phorid fly has a peculiar habit of running instead of flying, so if you notice a bunch of small flies running around on your countertop, it’s time to call Ace Walco.

Where do Phorid flies live?

Phorid flies live around moist decaying matter.  They are sometimes referred to as “coffin flies” because they have been known to live in dead bodies even after burial.

What dangers do Phorid flies pose?

Being drawn to food as well as other nasty rotting stuff, Phorid flies can contaminate food and be a threat to public health.  If you notice Phorid flies, call Ace Walco for a free pest control inspection and we’ll help you get rid of them in no time.

Preventing Phorid flies

Repair any leaks, including faulty plumbing, use drain traps and eliminate any standing water or excess moisture.  Make sure all indoor plants are well-drained, and avoid overwatering plants.  Make sure all food prep areas are thoroughly and regularly cleaned.  Seal any cracks or holes where moisture might accumulate.

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