Pillbug Pest Control in New Jersey

Have you seen small gray or black bugs inside your house? Do these bugs curl up into a small ball when you approach? If so, you probably have a pillbug problem. Although pillbugs, or "rolly-pollies", are small and don't cause many problems, they can quickly become an annoyance when they enter your home or garden in large quantities.

If you need pillbug removal or control for your New Jersey home, get in touch with the experts at Ace Walco. We'll tell you everything you need to know about these annoying pests, and then we'll remove them from your home for good.

How to Identify Pillbugs

Most pillbugs grow to just 3/4 inches long. They're related to animals like crabs, crayfish, and shrimp, so they look more like crustaceans than insects. Pillbugs can be gray, brown, or black, and they have seven sets of legs.

Pillbugs prefer damp, moist spaces, so you'll usually find them under rocks or in decaying plant material left out in your yard. In large numbers, they can destroy plant roots, leaves, and seedlings.

Fortunately, pillbugs don't spread disease, contaminate food, or cause any damage to your home's structure. However, if large numbers of pillbugs infiltrate your home, you'll soon notice dried-out, dead pillbugs in corners, which most homeowners don't want to deal with.

How Ace Walco Helps

At Ace Walco, we're fully equipped to deal with any pest situation. Through extermination, your home can be your own again. Since we're a local family-owned and -operated company, we're familiar both with the area and your family's unique needs. Trust us to take care of you and eliminate your pest problem quickly, safely, and thoroughly.

We serve homeowners across New Jersey, including Mercer, Bergen, Somerset, Union, and Middlesex counties. To take advantage of our pill bug control services, get in touch at 1-800-831-4223.


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