Deer Mice

What does a deer mouse look like?

A deer mouse looks like a cute, cuddly Disney cartoon.  They are brown with white bellies and feet, and grow from between 5 and 8 inches long.


Deer mice prefer the outdoors, and are omnivorous.  Active at night, they emerge to forage for seeds, beetles, insects, worms and more. Throughout the year they cache food in amounts up to a pint, then return to these caches during winter for survival.


Deer mice make small, spherical nests out of leaves and other debris in the forests.  Their preferred nesting site is in the hollow of a tree, but they will settle under logs or rocks, in piles of sticks or in the burrows of other mammals.  Fall is the most common time to find a deer mouse inside of a home or building, as they prepare to face the cold winter ahead.


The biggest threat posed by deer mice is the spread of the hanta virus.  The most common way for a person to contract the disease is through contact with mice carcasses or breathing in the detritus around their nesting sites.  If you suspect you have a deer mouse infestation, the safest solution is to contact a pest control professional such as Ace Walco.


To prevent deer mice and other rodents from entering your home or business, you must be diligent about sealing any holes on the outside.  Mice can fit into holes as small a quarter, so be sure to caulk and plug any openings, and use screens on windows and doors.

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