Lots of people think of pests as something that bother us in the summer—mosquitos and ticks biting us and ants chasing after our picnics.  But even while some of those pesky critters leave us alone for a few months, there are some that just ratchet up the action when the snow flies.  As temperatures drop, animals like rodents, spiders, cockroaches and insects seek shelter indoors and that can mean they are headed for your home.  Read more to learn how to identify an infestation and tips to avoid winter pests this season.


While many of the summertime insects that nag us disappear when it’s cold, spiders hang around indoors.  They are masters of hiding in unsuspecting places, like inside your shoe in a dark closet or inside the gloves you haven’t put on since last winter.  Be sure to inspect items you haven’t accessed in a while and store items in plastic containers to keep spiders out.



One of the more common winter pests we get calls for is rats.  There are a variety of species of rats here in New Jersey, but we tend to see lots of Norway rats.  Once a rat gets inside and sets up a home, they can be quite destructive.  They also spread a variety of diseases and pathogens.



Mice can contaminate food, spread viruses and cause structural damage.  Signs of mice include droppings, gnawing sounds, damage to food or shredded paper.  One female can reproduce 6-10 offspring every 3 weeks.



The most vulnerable places for cockroach infestations are kitchens and bathrooms.  These are the places with water and food (for a cockroach, that is).  The best way to avoid cockroaches is to make sure things stay dry and clean.  Wipe surfaces and clean floors often, and dispose of garbage regularly.  Learn more about German cockroaches here.


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