Jumping, Bouncing, Pinging: A Guide to Fleas

Do you remember the movie "A Bug's Life"? The movie focuses on a bunch of circus bugs who stumble on Flik, a country ant looking for big bugs to protect his colony from the wrath of angry grasshoppers. But those circus bugs-a band of insects that include pill bugs, a lady bug, a stick bug, a spider, a moth, a caterpillar, a horned beetle, and a praying mantis-had an interesting boss. Their boss, who they called "P.T." is a flea.

Throughout the film, you see Mr. Flea traveling across the city and countryside looking for his runaway performers. While P.T. seems like a friendly businessman, he does not portray fleas accurately.

If you've ever dealt with fleas in your home, you know exactly how misleading P.T. Flea's personality can be. In fact, fleas in real life are nothing short of a nuisance that causes serious discomfort.

In our blog below, we provide you with a guide to all things flea. As you read through this article, you'll learn how to identify fleas, why you should get rid of these pests, and how to make an action plan so you can enjoy them on the big screen and nowhere else.

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Are These Animals Pests or Pets?

You may spend a lot of time, effort, and money keeping unwanted insects and animals off your property. No one wants to deal with mosquitos, yellow jackets, or bed bugs. However, there are other pests that some people welcome into their homes.

As surprising as it sounds, some of the animals you consider pests might be pets to someone else. Read on to learn about the stranger creatures that people have adopted.

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Fire, Sulfur, and Woodpecker Fat: Pest Control in History

These days, when we find overwhelming evidence of mouse, spider, or termite infestations, we call a professional pest control service. With carefully developed pesticides and techniques, these specialists help clear troublesome and harmful pests from homes, businesses, and other properties. Even farmers have established tactics for defending crops against hungry pests.

But where did pest control begin? Surely, somewhere in history, humankind decided insects were a nuisance and sought to remedy the situation. But when and how? Below, we'll address how people dealt with pests in the distant past.

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10 Home Remedies for Bug Bites

Summer is here, and with it comes bug bites. Nothing is more aggravating than a crop of new bites on your skin that just won't stop itching. Luckily, you can remedy the discomfort with common household items.

Below, we'll discuss 10 easy home remedies to help relieve itching and swelling due to bug bites.

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Campfires and Cookouts: 4 Ways to Pest Proof Your Barbecue

Few things define summer more than a good old-fashioned cookout. Every year, your friends and family salivate over your delicious smoky meals, and you've definitely accumulated a large number of mouth-watering recipes.

But your friends and family aren't the only ones abuzz with the prospect of your famous franks and prizewinning patties. As soon as you strike that match or heat up the grill, you can bet that mosquitos, bees, wasps, ants, and flies will swarm to inspect your food.

Fortunately, you don't have to feed these uninvited guests. With a little preparation, you can keep the pests away from your barbecued chicken and enjoy your meal in peace.

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