Mitigating Fruit Flies

We’ve all been frustrated by fruit flies at one time or another, and when they seem to be overtaking your kitchen it can be intimidating. What is up with these tiny invaders; where do they come from and how can we eliminate them from our homes? Read more to find out!

Mitigating Fruit Flies

Where do fruit flies come from?

As their name suggests, fruit flies often arrive in our kitchens as stowaways on our fruit. These tiny (usually around only 1/8” long) insects are attracted to ripe and rotting foods, especially sugary or fermented ones. This means that we often inadvertently bring them into our homes with the groceries. Once there, they can find hiding places like drains to continue their famous copious copulation and population patterns. A female fruit fly typically lays about 500 eggs at a time, and these eggs hatch within 24 hours. So with very little warning you might find yourself up against an army of these miniature insurgents.


How do I get rid of fruit flies?

Luckily, there are some very simple things that we can do to reduce our risk of fruit flies taking over. Follow the steps below to avoid them getting to be a problem. 


  • The first line of defense is to avoid bringing them in. When you bring home a haul of groceries, take a bit of time to wash your produce. This can rinse off any eggs waiting to hatch, and even drown some adults.  
  • Next, store foods in the refrigerator. If there are any flies left on your produce, they will be too sluggish to mate in the cold.  
  • Get rid of any old fruit that may be going bad. This goes for anything old and/or rotting in your kitchen.  Fruit flies especially love old alcohol, so that half glass of wine that’s been sitting around for a day or two will start to attract them.
  • Set a trap for them. Pour a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar into a glass and add 2-3 drops of dish soap. Then cover it with cellophane and wrap a rubber band around to keep it in place. Next, poke a few holes in the cellophane. The fruit flies are attracted to the vinegar, but will be unable to fly out and the dish soap will cut the surface tension on the vinegar so they will drown when they land.  


Does Ace Walco treat fruit fly infestations?

Absolutely. Ace Walco has been a leader in New Jersey pest control for 84 years and counting. You can bet we’ve seen our fair share of fruit flies. We have the experience, the confidence and the right touch to rid your home of fruit flies today! Call now to schedule a free inspection. We’ll have a professional over at your convenience to identify your pest and the best path forward to mitigation.

Why Choose a Professional for Bed Bug Treatments

Over the past century, bed bugs were effectively eradicated from the United States through the use of toxic chemicals now banned.  Those days of carefree, bug-free times are now gone.  Bed bugs have made an incredible comeback, infesting human establishments in all 50 states, from the finest establishments to those you may have suspected before. While there are a number of things you can do to avoid an infestation in your home, once an infestation has taken hold you are left with only one choice: seek a the help of a pest control professional.  Ace Walco has over 80 years of experience treating homes in New Jersey.  Read more to learn about what to expect from a professional bed bug treatment.

Why Choose a Professional for Bed Bug Treatments?

Can I Treat A Bed Bug Infestation Myself?

No.  Bed bugs are the most difficult pest to treat, and even with the help of a professional, it can take several treatments to eradicate an infestation.  Another thing to remember when attempting a bed bug treatment on your own is that once they are discovered and disturbed, they will quickly and efficiently move to a safer place, making the treatment even more difficult.  The best advice is that once bed bugs are suspected or discovered, you must call a professional.  Further inspections should be accompanied by control measures to stay ahead of the problem.


What Happens during a Bed Bug Inspection?

When a customer has made an appointment for a bed bug inspection, we will send a qualified professional to your home to positively identify the pest.  They will come into your home or business and search for visual signs of an infestation.  Once bed bugs are positively identified, we will begin immediate control measures which require the homeowner’s help.  It is important that you cooperate with Ace Walco’s recommendations in order to expedite the control process.


What Can I Expect From a Bed Bug Treatment?

There are a number of specialized techniques used to eliminate bed bug infestations.  Professional pest control companies like Ace Walco have access to commercial insecticides which are strong enough to be effective on all stages of the bed bug life cycle.  Other measures include non-chemical controls like vacuuming, heat or cold treatments.  Your inspector will discuss your options and recommend the best course of action for your situation.  Afterward, there will likely be a list of things for you as the homeowner to do, such as laundering bedding on the hottest wash and dry settings.


Does Ace Walco Treat Bed Bugs?

Yes.  Ace Walco has extensive experience treating bed bugs in New Jersey.  Call today for a free inspection and we will have you on your way to a bed bug-free home.

Bed Bugs and Winter Travel

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  This magical time of year brings families and friends together to celebrate holidays, and overshare.  That can be a real hassle on social media, but when you find bed bugs have been shared with your family it is one gift you will really want to give right back.  Read more for Ace Walco’s top tips to prevent bringing the bed bugs home with you this holiday season.

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Winter Pests

Lots of people think of pests as something that bother us in the summer—mosquitos and ticks biting us and ants chasing after our picnics.  But even while some of those pesky critters leave us alone for a few months, there are some that just ratchet up the action when the snow flies.  As temperatures drop, animals like rodents, spiders, cockroaches and insects seek shelter indoors and that can mean they are headed for your home.  Read more to learn how to identify an infestation and tips to avoid winter pests this season.

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Winter Pest Proofing

The mercury is dropping and everyone is heading indoors.  This includes the multitude of pests who would love to make your home their home this winter season.  How can you protect your home and family from the devastation of a pest infestation?  Read on for some helpful tips from Ace Walco, New Jersey’s leading pest control specialists.  

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