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Rodents have played a key role in our collective human fears for centuries. From the butcher’s wife and the blind mice, to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles battling the Rat King, rodents can be more than a nuisance. They can cause sleepless nights, costly damage and spread disease. Call our certified experts today and we’ll help tame your rodent nightmares.

Safe Treatment and Prevention

When caught early, many rodent problems can be easily addressed. Our targeted treatments will eliminate rodents and their nests, and our prevention programs will keep them from becoming a problem again. Call today for a free inspection. Our friendly, trained staff will identify exactly the species you are dealing with and work with you to provide a custom treatment that not only gets rid of rodents, but keeps your family and pets safe in the process.


Rodent Species


Total mouse offspring


Billion Annual Damages


% Rodent Coverage

  • A female mouse can mate indefinitely

  • Ace Walco treats all types of rats and mice

  • Targeted treatments keep your family and pets safe

  • Monthly plans available

Monthly Rodent Plans

Ask about our monthly pest subscription plans, which can protect your home from unwanted pests of all kinds. Over 30 common pests are covered by our Tri-Pak program, and we provide ongoing preventive treatments on your schedule. If you should ever notice an issue between treatments, we will come to your assistance for no additional cost. Call today and start living the pest free life!

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