Customer Reviews of Ace Walco Pest Control

Good Company
On time
Great customer service and follow-up
Technician was extremely knowledgeable

07 December 2018

My tech name was John Torres very helpful tech very nice person i appreciate everything you done to help me with my problem i hope if i ever need you guys again you send John or someone as good as he was thanks again i appreciate your help.

Torry Langley
20 October 2018

Tony is an excellent pest control operator. He is always pleasant and upbeat when he comes to the library. He always tells us to let him know if we have any issues. We really like having him as our bug man

Danielle Aronowitz
28 August 2018

I have been a customer of ACE WALCO for many years. I use their spring treatment program which has been very successful in providing much needed protection to my home, since we are located in a very rural wooded section of Sussex County. I have always found the customer representatives to be very professional and attentive to my needs and concerns. Their technicians are very courteous and knowledgeable of their profession and attend to their duties in a very efficient manner.
Recently a friend called me on a late Friday afternoon. She was in a panic as she had found many bees in her house and was fearful that a family member might be stung. She told me that she called one company and they told her that they could not help her until Monday! This was not acceptable. I connected her with Kim at ACE WALCO who made sure this emergency situation got the highest priority. That afternoon, Kurt, in my opinion their top technician, despite having a very busy and hectic day, was at her home taking care of the situation. My friend was so thankful for ACE WALCO, that she will be using them from now on. Thank you ACE WALCO for a job well done!

Harris Rimshnick
29 July 2018

After killing several bees in my family room for two days, it was apparent we had a problem that was now escalating by the minute. I called a company on a Friday morning and I was told they could not get to me for 72 hours. I began to think at the rate I was seeing and killing these bees, we would all be dead by then. I called a friend for advice whom immediately told me about a wonderful company that he had been using for 20 yrs. He was kind enough to give Ace Walco a call for me to see if his service man was available to help me. I then contacted the office and was greeted by a lovely girl named Kim who assured me all would be ok. She would be sending a gentleman named Kurt out to me within a few hours. Kurt came within two hours of the call! He was fabulous and quickly identified the bee as a yellow jacket. I then showed him to a closet where I heard a crackling noise. He went outside and immediately found their entry way. As we began to remove items from the closet shelves, we came across a six inch long crack.Kurt commented that was it! They were in! We witnessed yellow jackets emerging like the front line of an army! Well Kurt went into action with his spray. After drilling four holes into the wall and treating with poison, he taped them up and gave me further instructions to do after the treatment procedure. He then checked the basement foundation and the entire outer structure of my home. He was was very professional offering much information and advice. I will definitely call this company again to set up annual spraying, Thank you Ace Walko and Kurt for coming so quickly!

Rosemarie Veliz
29 July 2018

We have been dealing with Ace Walco over 40 years and have never been disappointed.
One call and they are there the same day. Fast, reliable, and pleasant service.
You will not be disappointed

Barry Warner
05 July 2018

Superior service and responsiveness!
I recently had set aside a weekend to clean out my garage. Upon beginning my work, I was stung moving a rolled up carpet, and was afraid there was a nest inside. I called multiple different exterminators on a Saturday morning, and only Ace Walco was able to help me that day.
Within an hour of my call, John was at my house, and confirmed there was a nest. He not only treated the nest, but he devised a way to get the carpet out of the garage, so I could continue my project.
I’m incredibly grateful for his quick and thorough assistance, which saved me from losing the whole weekend to get the chore done!!

Melissa Sharron
25 June 2018

For the past three years we have been using the services of Ace Walco to protect our home from rodents and all other unwanted pests. Our technician Tony does an incredible job of keeping our home pest free.
When we have had an occasional pest invade our home in between our scheduled 3 visits a year. One phone call to Ace Walco and Tony is at our home ftaking care of the issue and making us feel more comfortable.
We highly recommend Ace Walco and more than that we highly recommend Tony. He's the best.

Mark S Turitz
01 June 2018

I called yesterday as I notice that there was an insect issue in my apartment. Everyone at Ace Walco was so nice & professional. They had someone come out right away (the same day) for an estimate and was even able to schedule a treatment appointment for the next day (which was Friday of Memorial Day Weekend!!!) to take care of the problem. Gaye, James & Andre thank you so much - I never had an issue like this and appreciate your help, knowledge and assistance. I would recommend this company to anyone in need of an exterminator!

Jen Clemens
25 May 2018

Tony is the consummate professional. Punctual, personable, and knowlegable. Would highly recommend.

MAXINE Fielding
06 May 2018

On 4/19/18 your service technician, Walter Borda, serviced our termite baiting system. In all the years we have been with AceWalco this is the first time all 13 baiting stations were thoroughly checked. Walter took the time to inspect each station and made the necessary replacements to each one. Thank you Walter for your complete and courteous service check.

Eileen King
19 April 2018

I found this company while doing a google search and I clicked to call them. Actually got a real person first go! I ended up speaking with John the owner and he walked me through the process. Now I'm pest free and ready for my Easter guests. Thanks John and Ace Walco for taking care of these pests I've been dealing with all winter.

25 March 2018

Called the office and the secretary was very pleasant and professional. I received a free estimate the next day by Walter. He explained everything thoroughly and was very professional and pleasant. Would recommend this company to everyone who needs this type of service..

06 February 2018

Found some mice in my home. Devon from Ace Walco came out to check out my problem. Devon is by far the most helpful and understanding person I have had the pleasure of meeting, as far as pest people. He had patience in listening to my concerns and explained every step that would be taken. Thanks Devon, wish there were more people like that out there.

24 January 2018

We have been using Ace Walco for many years, and have experienced nothing but THE BEST SERVICE! I know that when I call Ace Walco and speak to ELizabeth, that everything will be taken care of quickly and properly.

Shawn Luftglass
30 November 2017

We're very happy with Tony's service. He's also kind, courteous and thorough, and answers any questions we have about his work.

Daphna Havkin-Frenkel
13 November 2017

Ace Walcott is the best service customer oriented co. Response to any of my questions is above reproach. All my problems were satisfied with delay. Natasha diligently addressed all my concerns @

01 November 2017

Walked into my kitchen in the middle of the night and saw a mouse or something. Fussed around with traps for a couple weeks then realized I needed pro help. Thanks Sasha at Ace for helping me get rid of them!

13 September 2017

They have come every time I've called. I have had numerous problems and two techs weren't taking care of it so I called and lou said he would send his top guy and he sure did. Walter borda came out and took extensive time to show me why I was having certain issues and worked diligently to
Make sure every detail was paid attention to and did things the other techs hadn't done the times before He is super friendly and hard working. I wish he didn't live so far away because he is amazing. Great job Walter you're the best by far

Loretta reed
24 August 2017

Does anyone else have Miguel Rodriguez work on their building? Gads, is he nice. So accommodating. He knows my tenants and asks if he should come and spray their apts today? Smiling, friendly and does a good job.

Sonja Fesenmaier
10 July 2017

Had a hard time determining what kind of bugs were getting in my house. Found this site on google and saw their pest identifier page and found out I have termites :( Setup and appointment and now I can sell my house!!! Thanks Ace - Genie

05 July 2017

Great service! Very professional! Thank you for accommodating my avaviablity. The technician was on time and very polite.

Julbeth Gilot Noel
17 June 2017

I run a 8 story condo building in Highland Park. Tony is always here to help us he is very responsive and is a pleasure to work with.

Samantha Krzewick
06 June 2017

Tony is great. Friendly and helps with all issues we are having in a timely manner.

Santa Vargas
05 June 2017

Tony is very thorough and always checks to make sure everthing is taken care of. As a nationwide company that works in the food service industry it is very important that our facility remains pest free. Tony always takes care of unexpected situations immediately.

Mike Bassano
05 June 2017

Caroline steinberg
24 May 2017

We are glad we have Patrick as our technician.
He is efficient in solving any of our problems.
He is such a pleasure to work with and a great personality and well groomed.
I am sure he is a valuable worker for your company.

11 April 2017

Our service tech was awesome!! He showed up on time and was very professional. He answered our questions and did a great job.

Bernadette Courter
05 April 2017

Robert was on time, prompt and very friendly. He addressed all of our concerns. Thank you.

30 March 2017

Excellent customer service. Neat clean and got the job done in a timely manner.

Jaime goldberg
29 March 2017

Excellent service and technicians.

21 March 2017

Excellent service

Ramon Collazo
16 March 2017

Patrick Gonzalez is the best! Excellent customer service. Friendly, prompt, courteous, and efficient. The kind of employee we could use!

Stephen Misovic
15 March 2017

Patrick Gonzalez has been giving us (City of Garfield) 5 star service for already the past couple of years....we are very satisfied!

Christina Di Leo
15 March 2017

Javi is always so helpful and professional.

07 March 2017

Melissa Calpin
07 March 2017

Hi,. Kenny was amazing he explained everything step by step he check and areas that once big twice and told me if one treatment doesn't work what other treatments that they my have to use. If I have this problem anything I definitely calling back asking for Kenny .. excalty job ⯑⯑

Sandra Fernandes
03 March 2017

Had a problem with ants in my kitchen. Kenny the tech from Ace Waldo, came in and treated the problem. He's knowledge and service was excellent! I would definitely recommend asking for him for your service!

01 March 2017

Ken Aponte cane to our house because we noticed signs of mice. He was very professional and courteous. In addition to treating the problem, he gave me good advice as to what to do in order to fix the problem and tips on how we could avoid having a problem in the future. I would highly recommend him and your company.

Barbara Butchen
01 March 2017

Great service.

01 March 2017

Kenny is very knowledgeable and efficient

Edward louie
01 March 2017

Very satisfied with Patrick's work ethic and performance!

Rick Amaya
01 March 2017

Been with Ace Walco for a couple of years now, never had a problem that has not been taken care of, all thanks to Andrew from Ace Walco. He's professional, patient and gets the job done. I highly recommend this company to whoever is in need of Pest Control.

Jasper Griffin
01 March 2017

Bugs are here, you show up, then they die and never return.
What more could you asked for?

23 February 2017

S Huysers
21 February 2017

Andre is an excellent worker. I highly recommend him. We are always happy to have him do our complex, because we know he will do a great job. Thank you.

Robert Rosen
17 February 2017

Ron does a tremendous job providing service and recommendations for pest control. He crosses all the t's and dots all the i's. Highly recommend using him for your pest control needs!

17 February 2017

Wonderful service!!!!

15 February 2017

Tech is very knowledgeable and his expertise in pest control helps the plant maintain and sustain an environment free of contamination. Records and permits are up to date and he responded quickly to any issues that came up.

Robinson Arce
12 February 2017

After sifting through many pest exterminator companies online I settled on these guys. Came out immediately and took care of biz. Big thanks to Ace. -Tia from Montclair

23 January 2017

Hector is an extremely hard worker. I am more than pleased with the job being done at my house. I will definitely recommand this company. I am now more than happy and relieved. Thank You AceWalco and Hector !

26 July 2016

Returned from an overseas trip and started getting bitten at night. Unfortunately brought bed bugs back with me. Ace took care of my place and need to sell my place. Thanks Ace Walco for getting the job done right!

31 January 2016

Punctual and professional! I wish the cable guy was as good as Ace Walco.

10 December 2015

Presentation was clear and direct along with personality. Job was executed efficently. From start to finish, they were so tidy, when service was completed, it was as if the serviceman never came. Well done.

12 November 2015

When you find a problem in your home like uninvited insects then you need help. I called a few exterminating companies and made my decision to go with Ace Walco Pest Control Co. Everything they promised and more was done, Exceptional Job Guys!

08 August 2015

Exceptional & Professional service is what we all want I GOT IT. I would recommend Ace Walco anytime & please feel free to use us as referrals, Thank U so much.

05 July 2015

while having problems with carpenter ants,field mice,and some roaches i called ace walco pest control,and in no time i haven't looked back because they have done an excellent job with their rapid service and have gone to the extent of their professional experience and knowledge to put the problems to an end. one phone call and it was done. they do an excellent job. i thank them so much and so will u. thank u guys

25 May 2015

I had carpenter bees and called Ace Walco. They sent out Dean to exterminate them. He identified that they were in the eve's.He climbed a ladder all around the house and sprayed all the eves. It was a big job but, no more bees. Great job Dean.

24 May 2015

This is a note of appreciation to John and Ace Walco for their super service for many years. Extremely professional,knowledgeable and courteous they are a wonderful service in our area to be utilized.

03 May 2015

Had a bunch of flying ant things flying around my house, I tried fixing it myself with fly paper, when they didn't go away I called several pest control companies and found out they were carpenter ants and they could damage my home. Thankfully I found these guys. Thanks Ace!

26 April 2015

When your taking care of an elderly parent who lives far away, its good to know that you can count on ace walco. I set up the appointment, they went to my mothers home and took care of the problem. Thanks again.

11 September 2014

I called this company in a panic a couple of days ago because I had ants coming into my house. Some had wings! A real person answered the phone. She gave me some good advice over the phone with no pressure to book a visit. But I went ahead because my problem was freaking me out. The technician named Javier came promptly this morning. He was thorough and he explained everything.He was knowledgeable and calm. Now I am so relieved. Price for the service was under other estimates I'd been given.

13 June 2014

they did a great job and were very friendly and treated my home as if it were there own.

17 May 2014

Our service tech, Dean, was absolutely fantastic. He was extremely thorough, took so much time to explain everything to me, and was extremely pleasant. The fact that AceWalco employs people like Dean will make me refer the company to all of my friends and family! Thanks for such great service.

19 September 2013

Natasha did an inspection today.....and she is the most pleasant, knowledgable and helpful person I could have had for this job. She put my mind at ease since I have not had an inspection since Ace Walco did it many years ago. I would recommend your company to anyone who needs this service. It was a most complete inspection by a most delightful person.

12 June 2013

To whom it may concern,

This is to inform you that I am getting exceptional service from Mr. Assalam. He never cuts corner and goes above and beyon his call of duty to better serve customers. He is exceptionally good. People like him are asset to the firm.

06 January 2013

Excellent overall experience with Ace Walco commencing with Devon, the representative who performed a thorough inspection, followed by Kim, who answered my questions and scheduled a convenient and timely appointment and finally Hector, the technician who promptly eradicated the hornet problem. Every member of the Ace Walco team was knowledgeable, patient, considerate and a consummate professional! Pricing was fair and the ValPak coupon was accepted without a problem. I purchased the TriPak Program and believe it to be very cost effective. Kudos and my sincere appreciation for a job well done!!!

18 September 2012

Devastation sets in when you have a house for years only to be told you have termites. Ace Walco came highly recommended and all I can say is Thank God that episode is over.

18 September 2012

my neighbor recommended acewalco to me.i am sooo glad i took her advice.the little critters are gone.thanks for a great job!

31 July 2012

had problems with flying ants, went on the internet, found an exterminating company and a FRIEND FOR LIFE. SUPER JOB, WALTER... KUDOS TO WALTER!

22 July 2012

I was devastated when I found out we had bed bugs, but Devon was my savior for helping me through the process like an expert. He walked me through each step with patience and understanding of the position I was in. I contacted several other pest control companies and all were pushing chemical this, chemical that. But Devon showed me there was another option--the heat treatment. It was new to me, but he explained it well and now I am bed bug free and not ashamed to go out any more. Thanks guys for all your help!

13 July 2012

This crew is one of the nicest most respectful Exterminators I've ever come across. They are the best,i wish there were more like them around :)

13 July 2012

Bill was our technician, I was very satisfied with his work, he was very knowledgeable, professional and took good care of my house. I highly recommend Ace Walco specially Bill he did an excellent Job

Thank You :)

02 July 2012

Walter inspected my home and did a great job. We moved into a home that had been vacant for a few months. He did a thorough inspection and his recommendations cured our problem in a short amount of time.

25 June 2012

Thank Ace Walco .. your office manager...staff and especially John for coming to my aid as quickly as he did. I was infested with bugs and John calmed me down and he became my hero. I am now bug free.

19 June 2012

Thanks Ace Walco and especially John for taking the fear away when I saw some bugs. I called your office and the managar sent you, very very happy now!

14 June 2012

Our exterminator Miguel is very polite, consistence, always on time, gets the job done always. He is a very good employee, you are very lucky to have him. Thank you! Paola =)

14 June 2012

We have Miguel as our service rep. and are very satisfied with his work performance. He is very intuitive and very knowledgable.

05 June 2012

Miguel is a employee of your company, is very nice, reliable and good worker! Good job!!!

29 May 2012

We realized for the first time in 5 years since living here that there was an issue with mice. We placed a call and a rep not only was at our house with an estimate the next day-but was able to start step 1 in an effort to take care of the problem on HIS visit. I signed up immediately for his Tri Pak plan which covered for many issues (such as ants, bees, carpenter ants, any bug or rodent really) for $500.00 LESS than those other companies you see value pak coupons for!! My mother recommended them highly and now I would. Thank You Ace Walco!!!!

24 May 2012

We've been a customer of Ace Walco for over 10 years and have been very happy with the quality of service we've received. The technicians are on time, efficient and always happy to answer questions. They are very accommodating when we have 'bug emergencies' and take care of them quickly.

25 April 2012

I highly recommend Ace Walco! We called them after seeing termites and they were here within a day. The customer service on the phone was wonderful and the technician that came to the house was extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and polite.
I would absolutely use them again.

20 April 2012

We called three companies for estimates. Ace Walco was the most reasonable and we were very pleased with the service and knowledge.
They are very professional and took very good care of us.
I would highly recommend Ace Walco to anyone and we will definitely be using them again!

20 February 2012

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